Increasing farm yields

With a 100% plant-based technolgy

About us

About 75% of the global food crops rely to some extent on animal pollination for sustained production, yield, or quality.

However, bees and other traditional pollinators are under serious threat. The changes in land use and landscape structure, intensive agricultural practices, monocultures, and use of pesticides have increased pollinators mortality rates. In addition, climate change is causing bloom desynchronization and reducing pollen viability, negatively impacting the chances of successful pollination.

At Avo Solutions we own a unique plant-based technology for assisted pollination in fruit trees that significantly increases yields and gives the planet a sustainable alternative to the use of traditional beehives.


Flowering Monitoring

We closely follow each farm’s phenological state to determine the best application dates.

Product Application

We spray our plant-based product in the right conditions with helicopters or drones, covering hundreds of acres in a matter of hours.

Fruit Set Control

We monitor fruit set results in each application relative to control sectors to confirm the effect of our product.


Traditional Beehives

Countries presence: Chile, Colombia, Peru and USA
0 +
Acres applied during 2021-22 season
+ 0 %
Increase in fruit set in avocados and almonds


With our solution we are directly addressing three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The world’s population growth coupled with a decreasing access to farmland is affecting the global food supply. Through our assisted pollination technology, we have been able to significantly increase farm yields, making every acre more efficient and bringing farmers with more productivity.

An increase in farm yields means lower use of water per production volume, helping to develop a more sustainable use of water resources.

Agriculture is one of the most vulnerable sectors to climate change. Lower pollen viability and bloom desynchronization due to increasing temperatures will reduce crop yields in the near future. Our technology provides the planet with a real solution to overcome these challenges.


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